First release of mixvlmc

markov model
Mixvlmc 0.1.1 is available on the CRAN!

July 9, 2023

I am proud to announce the first release of mixvlmc, version 0.1.1. This R package provides a collection of tools to estimate and study:

The package comes with an extensive test suite and a complete documentation, including four vignettes on different complex aspects of these models. It includes contributions by Hugo Le Picard and Guénolé Joubioux.

Compared to VLMC and PST, mixvlmc has two major advantages:

mixvlmc is significantly faster than PST but lacks its capability of fitting a single VLMC to a collection of sequences. It also lacks some of the tools provided by PST such as its very complete set of visual representations.

mixvlmc is not as fast as VLMC but supports arbitrary large state spaces.